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Behind every project, every work, every handicraft there is someone, who is unique, imperfect, gifted by great skills and sensitiveness, child of these times.

Alice Tamburini, a painter from Romagna, brave and outrageous.

Her work is not meant to soothe.

It is more like giving voice to anything normally can't find expression.


Her paintings are living questions.

Giorgia Marzi, roman painter,  in pictorial research since 20 years.


Still she is always been fascinated by drawing since ever.


She has walked through different creative seasons, all united by an extraordinary sensitiveness.  


Elisabetta Martinez, roman painter, born in 1963. She was raised between her father’s brushes and colours, the essence of turpentine and linseed oil, chalks and smudges.

It all was there, already there, available: she only had to accept the trip.

"...for nothing in the world I would have given up on my hills, the escapes to Sorrivoli, the peace of this landscape..."

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