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Ettore Mildwin Art is a benefit corporation.


This is our social and environmental friendly vocation. Our landmark is an unavoidable approach to product and process sustainability. It is in our history and in our future deeply rooted.

Do you want to discover more about our sustainability 360° approach?



As Ettore Mildwin used to say, the ultimate art scope is to place uncomfortable questions.


Ettore Mildwin Art thus is here to spread emergent artists works, whose intensity and originality might help to develop a wider sensitiveness and a refreshed capacity to make good questions, in and out. The project is also to look for alternative channels and means to desectorialize art itself, to bring it away from museum cases to contaminate and enrich of beauty different places, times and situations.


Ettore Mildwin is not just a merchant. The aim is to drive artists and works communication processes: when requested we do roll out integraction and reinforcement.

Contemporary Art Projects


Italy is covered by amazing people capable to match extraordinary crafting skills with a natural and relevant aesthetic sense to create unique objects, alive, genuine, wonderfully imperfect.


Supporting these skills, sorting out adequate and disrupting channels for these artistic artisans are Ettore Mildwin Art main goals.


Spreading these products means protecting priceless know how and most of all carrying out concretely a vision of development deeply rooted in human qualities and in creativity, fully compatible with sustainability 360°.

Artisanship & Design


Making of relationships and storytelling, this is another Ettore Mildwin Art task, but only referred to business, local bodies, NGOs, whose activities are compatible with our ethical code.


Our marketing has really nothing to do with the so called sales techniques: we aim to create and\or reinforce bonds between a proposal and its possible addressees. And its glue are real and not on-purpose-driven needs.


In the same time we don’t play broadcast communication: we want to make messages and listenings able to exchange real informations and intentions. Pretty often marketing and communication will be additions of the activities we told you above, but not only: we might be giving life to independent projects.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries.


I often happen to find myself in very beautiful places, gifted by a solid soul sticking on you and you’d wish to take home a share of it. But very rarely you can find objects capable to decline that flavor on different shapes.


Ettore Mildwin does not aim to produce useless nice gadgets: we work for our clients actual brand extension, for their marketing identity reinforcement and for the upgrade of their business space.


Every project thus will require a specially made research. We don’t carry a catalogue in our bag with customizable ready made products. We define beautiful utilities to be made for every specific environment, totally avoiding not recyclable objects, hazardous materials, trivialities and vaguely useful trinkets.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

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