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f’aces has been created to recount a series of works painted in the past two years by the artist: the outcome is like a short film on a meaningful and intense part of her recent artistic production. As it often happens, works of art come from an inner itch, a necessity, a generative and not foreordained drive which is beyond any specifically designed project. And yet, when we kneeled down (all the canvases were laid on the floor of her studio) and embraced them with our eyes,

we realized that we were faced by a vast multitude of people, true and diverse, whose silence was only a mere illusion. From the density of those silent stories, a narrative fil-rouge was unfolding, striking a vibration which sparkled every single one of those faces, of those figures, and us, along with them. Each one of them holding more questions than answers and aiming for the contagion; so that whoever they ran into, would be wrapped in their anticipation and wonder.


Alice Tamburini - Painter

A people of emotions, nameless faces with a very strong identity

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