Giorgia Marzi was born in Rome in 1980 in a family of musicians and painters. She holds a degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome studing whith masters Sandro Trotti and Gianpaolo Berto.


Her path is characterized by a continuous expressive research of sign in figuration and color and leads her to exhibit in Rome, Copenhagen, Odense, Curaçao and other cities of Italy in various Solo exhibition and Group exhibition exhibitions in culture instituts and galleries. Winner of the Martelive Festival in Rome and Plain Air International Festival in Curaçao.


Now she lives and works in Rome where she continues her artistic activity and holds courses in painting, drawing and portraiture.

Exhibitions & Acknowledgments


  • Group exhibition, “Arte da Leone – Mostra omaggio a Sergio Leone”, Città dell’altra economia - sala convegni, Roma

  • Artistic performance, “Perfume painting”, Florence Biennale – International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Fortezza da Basso, Firenze

  • Group exhibition, “Segno Contemporaneo ”, Dingyuan International Art Center, Pechino, Cina


  • Group Exhibition "III Millennio Michele", Istituto Romano San Michele, Roma

  • Group Exhibition "Kandinsky Color Experience", Montecatini Terme, PT

  • Group Exhibition and artistic performance, "T/Festaccio - Fermenti in testa" Città dell'Altra Economia, Roma


  • Solo Exhibition “Figures and landscapes” Gallery Munck, Copenaghen

  • Exhibits the tribute to Alda Merini at the performance “Ci chiamarono tutti Alda” directed by Fabio Appetito, Teatro Cometa Off, Rome


  • Group exhibition “La via dell’arte” Porta Futura, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Adriatica, la via dell’arte” Antichi Forni Gallery, Macerata


  • Winner of the international contest of paint from life “Plain Air festival”, Curacao

  • Solo exhibition, “Paintings” Villa Bruno, San Giorgio a Cremano, (NA)

  • Group exhibition “Rome in 10 cm” Spazio 40 art gallery, Rome


  • Solo exhibition “Nudi” - Spazio 40 Art Gallery, Rome


  • Solo exhibition “Ritratti, la testimonianza di un incontro”, Crypt of San Carlo al Corso basilica church, Rome

  • Group exhibition - “Omaggio a Frida” - Spazio40 Art Gallery, Rome-

  • Group exhibition “Paesaggio Marchigiano” - Monte Leone Municipal Hall in Fermo, (Fm)

  • Art Performance, Tana della Sirena, Agnone (Ca)

  • Art Performance, Forte Portuense, Rome


  • Solo exhibition of paintings, Palazzo Braschi Caffè, Piazza Navona, Rome

  • Opening of the first artistic residence in “The house of painter” in Monteleone di Fermo (FM)

  • Group exhibition “Omaggio a Carlo Levi” Graphic Art Campioli, Monte Rotondo, (Rm)

  • Group exhibition “Il segno delle orme. Le strade dell’arte nella memoria del futuro”, House of Memory and History, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Artemisia” Rome Academy of Fine Arts, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Pensieri in Arte” Monti Art Galley, Rome


  • Solo exhibition, Gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome

  • Solo exhibitionity “Omaggio a Gastone” Teatro dell’Orologio, Rome

  • Group exhibition, Cassiopea Art Gallery

  • Group exhibition, Piazza Risorgimento Roma

  • Group exhibition “Pensieri in Arte” Monti Art Gallery, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Buongiorno signor Botero” Grafiche Campioli ArtGallery MonteRotondo, (Rm)

  • Group exhibition “Pensieri in Arte” where she participates with a portrait of the poet Alda Merini to whom the exhibition is dedicated - Quantum Leap Gallery, Rome


  • Solo exhibition, “Alice and Pinocchio”, Institute of Italian Culture, Copenhagen

  • Solo exhibition Leonard Gallery, Christiania, Copenhagen

  • Artistic Performance “Portraits and Music”, Central Library, Odense

  • Group exhibition “La terra ha bisogno di uomini” Palace of Caserta

  • Group exhibition “Omaggio a Duchamp”, Quadruped Art Gallery, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Dal canto nostro”, Campioli Art Gallery, Monte Rotondo, (Rm)

  • Group exhibition “Quaderni a Cancelli” tribute to Carlo Levi, Cassiopea Art gallery, Rome


  • Artistic performance “Christmas in Jazz” Trajan’s Market, Rome

  • Solo exhibition, Leonard Gallery, Christiania, Copenhagen

  • Solo exhibition “Alice and Pinocchio” Historic Museum of the Ride and Popular Entertainment, Bergantino (Ro)

  • Group exhibition “Azzurro Donna”, Rome Academy of Fine Arts, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Donne in arte”, Viterbo


  • Solo exhibition, “Tribute to Puccini” at the event concert in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Giacomo Puccini, Municipality of Lorenzana (Lu)

  • Solo exhibition, “Alice and Pinocchio”, Municipal Library-Villa Bruno, San Giorgio a Cremano (Na)

  • Solo exhibition, “Alice and Pinocchio”, Museum of Pinocchio Park, Collodi (Pt)

  • Solo exhibition, “Favole e maschere”, Villa Strada, Rome

  • Group exhibition, “Pulling Down - Memory Day” Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome

  • Group exhibition, “Dedicato alla donna”, Center for Contemporary Art, Mitreo, Rome


  • Group exhibition, “Mostra del piccolo formato”, Cosmo Arte Gallery

  • Group exhibition, “Arte InSorgente”, Hotel Parco dei Principi, Caramanico Terme (Fri)


  • Solo exhibition “Alice and Pinocchio”, Sala delle Macine, Monteroni d’Arbia (Si)

  • Solo exhibition “Alice and Pinocchio” Impiccione Viaggiatore Traveling Conception Store, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Regalati un’opera d’arte” Cosmo Art Gallery, Caprarola (Vt)

  • Group exhibition “Exhibition Event” Cosmo Art Gallery, Caprarola (Vt)


  • Solo exhibition - “Portrait”, Beba Do Samba, Rome


  • Solo exhibition “Ritratti”, Cultural Institute of the Embassy of Egypt, Rome

  • Solo exhibition “Ritratti in estemporanea e illustrazioni a tema fiabesco” Civic Museum of the Sea and Maritime Traditions, Civitavecchia (RM)

  • Solo exhibition with Giampaolo Berto “La Rosa di Pinocchio”, Caffè Italia Arte, Rome

  • Solo exhibition “Alice in Wonderland”, Balic-art cultural association Tina Pika village

  • Group exhibition “La tentazione della ricerca”, curated by prof. Baldino, presentation in catalog of prof. Roberto Maria Siena, Velletri (RM)

  • Artistic Performance, Cultural Center Linux, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Alberto Sordi Artista Indimenticabile”, Central National Library, Rome


  • Winner of the live painting competition   “MARTELIVE”, Alpheus, Rome

  • Solo exhibition and performance, “Ritratti” Village Sapienza, Rome

  • Solo exhibition “Ritratti” Theater Ateneo, Rome

  • Artistic Performance “Profumo di caffè”, Caffè de Rossi, Albano Laziale

  • Artistic Performance “Forme e percorsi sonore - Incontro tra incisione e musica”, Engraving and Graphics Art Center Formello (Rm)

  • Group exhibition “Prima Estemporanea”, Engraving and Graphics Art Center Formello (Rm)

  • Group exhibition “Supermercado de Arte”, Palazzo Bigli, Milano

  • Group exhibition “Painting of City of Pizzo”, Pizzo Calabro, Vibo Valentia

  • Group exhibition “Voices of Nature” Galleria Forum Interart, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Roma Dea e Musa” Galleria Forum Interart, Rome

  • Group exhibition “Peace” Piazza Risorgimento, Rome


  • Member of the Judicial Commission of the Extemporaneous Painting Contest “City of Morcone”, (BN)


  • Group exhibition “Disegno - Esposizione” Cultural Center Rialto, Rome

  • Solo exhibition - E. Sannia Museum, Morcone (BN)- Commissioned paint works that appear in some Italian films


  • Group exhibition First Extemporaneous Painting of “Urban Landscape”, Testaccio Ex Mattatoio, Rome


  Commissioned paint works that appear in some Italian films:

  • 2014: “Confusi e felici” film in which she realizas all the paint works that appear made by co-star actress, directed by Massimiliano Bruno

  • 2011: “Nessuno mi può giudicare” directed by Massimiliano Bruno

  • 2011: “Cado dalle Nubi” directed by Checco Zalone