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Last updated: January 2021 Version: 1.0


Ettore Mildwin Art B Corporate srl ‘s Privacy Policy has the objective to protect personal informations received, shaping their treatment to principles of fairness, legal ness and transparency. Thus we inform you that your personal information will be managed by the use of tools and procedures capable to warrant the highest security and confidentiality by mediante archivi e supporti cartacei, con l’ausilio di supporti digitali, mezzi informatici e telematici. A Lei è comunque data la facoltà di esercitare il diritto di opposizione che, in assenza di Sua indicazione contraria, verrà riferita tanto alle comunicazioni tradizionali quanto a quelle automatizzate.




1.     What’s in this policy?

2.     What does this policy cover?

3.     How do you protect my personal information?

4.     What types of personal information does EMA collect about me?

5.     How long will EMA keep my information? 

6.     How can EMA use my personal information?

7.     When will EMA use my information to contact me?

8.     Will I be contacted for marketing purposes?

9.     When does EMA share my personal information with others? 

10.  Can I delete my information?

11.  What are my rights?

12.  How does EMA use cookies and similar tracking?

13.  How will I find out about changes to this policy?

14.  How can I contact EMA?


1.     What is in this policy?

This policy tells you:

•    what information we might collect about you

•    how we might use that information

•    when we might use your details to contact you

•    what information of yours we might share with others

•    your choices about the personal information you give us


2. What does this policy cover?

This policy covers the services and all activities are offered by Ettore Mildwin Art Benefit Corporation srl.  It’s up to you to decide how much details you want to know. We have just-in-time explanations that appear when we ask you to input your personal information. As well as what’s in this policy, a service might have a short privacy notice. In that privacy notice you can find key information on what we do with your personal information when you use the aservice.


3. How do you protect my personal information?

We are strongly committed to keeping your information safe. And to do this we design our services with your safety in mind. At the same time, no service can be completely secure – if you have any concerns that your EMA account or personal information has been put at risk, for example if someone could have found out your password, please get in touch straight away.

Where we store your information.

Some companies that provide services to our platform run their services from outside EU. Keep in mind that when you give us personal information it could be being transferred, stored or processed in a location outside EU.


4. What types of personal information does EMA collect about me?

We’ll give details about why we need your personal information and how we’ll use it before you begin, unless it is obvious.

Information that you give us.

We might ask for your name and contact details, your date of birth or financial details. Information you give us might include information in a creation you share with us, such as people’s name that appear in the creation. When you register for a EMA account, or update your details or settings we ask for some personal information, like your email address and age.

Device information Devices are lots of things like:

•   your computer

•   your mobile

•   your TV

•   your tablet

•   your voice-enabled device

We automatically collect some technical information from these devices and web browsers even when you are not signed in to your EMA account. This might include:

•   IP (internet protocol) address

•   device ID

•   app ID

•   vendor ID

•   advertising ID

Information on how you use our services:

Like the articles you browse and the products you watch.


5. How long will EMA keep my personal information?

When you give us any personal information we’ll let you know how long we’ll hold it for. And always stick to these principles:

a.     we only hold your information for as long as we do the activities we told you about or have a valid reason to keep it;

b.     we think about what type of information it is, the amount collected, how sensitive it might be and any legal requirements;

c.      we design our services so that we don’t hold your information any longer than we have to;

d.     we may close your EMA account if you haven’t used it in the last year. We’ll send you an email to tell you that we plan to do this before we delete anything, so please check if you if we’ve sent you any emails about this;


6. How can EMA use my personal information?

We have to have a valid reason to use your personal information. It’s called the “lawful basis for processing”. Sometimes we might ask your permission to do things, like when you subscribe to an email. Other times, when you’d reasonably expect us to use your personal information, we don’t ask your permission, but only when:

•   the law says it’s fine to use it, and

•   it fits with the rights you have

We use your information for these types of things:

•   to deliver our services and to provide you with information about them

•   to deal with your requests, complaints and enquiries

•   to personalise services and give you things more tailored to your tastes

•   to help us understand what kind of services you might use

•   to recommend things we think might interest you

•   to research and innovate

•   to contact you about various things


7. When will the EMA use my information to contact me?

We might use your information to contact you about different things, like:

•   to update you on any changes to the EMA policies, practices and Terms of Use;

•   to check with you about any service or activity you havee signed up for. For example, we might tell you if your EMA account hasn't been used in a long time. Or to respond to a comment or complaint

•   to invite you to take part in surveys about our services, which are always voluntary

•   for marketing purposes

•   to send you notifications on your device depending on your settings

We’ll only contact you when we need to or when you’ve given us permission. We’ll never contact you to ask for your EMA account password.


8. Will I be contacted for marketing purposes?

We’ll only send you marketing emails or contact you about EMA activities, services and your views on issues about EMA if you’ve agreed to this. Keep in mind, even if you unsubscribe, we may still contact you.

Will my personal information be used when the EMA advertises with other companies? If you have a EMA account we might use information that we hold about you to show you relevant and targeted advertising for EMA services through other companies’ sites, like Facebook, Google, Snapchat or Twitter for example. This could be showing you a EMA sponsored message where we know you have a EMA account and have used EMA services. If you don’t want to use our targeted advertising, you can set ad preferences in your social media companies’ settings. Also, you can visit your EMA account and turn this off.


9. When does the EMA share my personal information with others?

We’ll never sell your personal information. We do share it with others in these ways:

a.     When you make something public like post a comment which the public can see.

b.     When we use other companies to power our services In order for us to give you quality experiences and to understand how you are using our services we might use other companies to process your personal information on our behalf. For example, sending you emails about things we think might interest you, to ask you what you think about our services, or to analyze data on how people use our digital services so we can improve them. We make sure that your personal information is looked after as if we were handling it directly. We carefully select these companies, only share with them what they need to do the work and we make sure they keep your information secure.

c.      When we will share personal information with companies in the EMA Group.

d.     When we do collaborative research. We might be doing research activities and sometimes collaborate with research partners. Every now and then we might share our content and data with them. This might include information we’ve collected about you. But we’re careful about what we share and what our research partners can do with it.

e.     Sometimes by law we have to pass on your information to other organizations. We might also share your information if we have to by law, or when we need to protect you or other people from harm.


10. Can I delete my information?

This depends on what information you’re talking about.


a. If you’re talking about EMA account, you can delete your account. Your account information is immediately deleted. Keep in mind:

•   we keep a record of how you’ve used our services, but this information can’t be linked back to you

•   we also keep anthing you’ve uploaded or commented on


b. What about other information I’ve shared with you? We might have collected other personal information that you might ask to be deleted that has nothing to do with your EMA account.


11. What are my rights?

Always remember you’re in control of your personal information. You have the right to:

•   request a copy of your information

•   not let robots make big decisions about you

•   to ask us to correct information what’s wrong,

•   to delete it or to request that we only use it for certain purposes

•   to change your mind, and ask us to stop using your information. For example, unsubscribing from any marketing emails or turning off personalization

Bear in mind, sometimes we might not be able to help. Like if the law tells us we can’t or it forms part of our journalistic output.


12. How does the EMA use cookies and similar tracking?

a. What are cookies and tracking technologies?

Cookies are small text files which are transferred to your computer or mobile when you visit a website or app. There are also similar pieces of tracking information we collect.


b. Why do we use cookies and other tracking?

To do a few different things:

•   to remember information about you, so you don’ý have to give it to us again and again.  to keep you signed in, even on different devices

•   to help us understand how people are using our services, so we can make them better

•   to deliver advertising to websites outside of the EU 

•   to help us personalise the EMA to you by remembering your preferences and settings. And your progress, so you can pause and pick up where you left off even on a different device.

•   to find out if our emails have been read and if you find them useful


c. What are the types of cookies?

Some cookies are always on when you visit us, and you can’t turnn them off unless you change your browser settings. We call these “strictly necessary cookies”. We use them to make sure our digital services work correctly and are meeting audience needs and interests. We also use functional, performance and advertising cookies to make your experience more enjoyable. You can switch these on or off at any time and you can always change your mind. We’ll only use them if you’ve agreed.

Bear in mind there are some other cookies out there from other companies. These "third-party cookies" might track how you use different websites, including ours. For example, you might get a social media company’s cookie when you see the option to share something. You can turn them off, but not through us.


13. How will I find out about changes to this policy?

We update this policy sometimes. If we make important changes, like how we use your personal information, we’ll let you know. It might be a notice, an email or a message in your app. If you don’t agree to the changes, then you can always stop using our services, delete your account and stop giving us any more personal information. We’d be sorry to see you go.


14. How can I contact EMA?

Find out more and contact us about your rights. For any other questions or comments about this policy speak to our Data Protection Officer:

by email (

by post Ettore Mildwin Art B Corp via A.Saffi 9 Rimini 47923 RN Italy

Ettore Mildwin Art B Corporate srl is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To learn more about how we collect, keep, and process your private information in compliance with GDPR, please view our privacy policy. This policy was last updated on 11 january 2021.

Ettore Mildwin Art B Corporate srl is committed to ensure the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. If you have any questions related to our GDPR compliance, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

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