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Giorgia Marzi - Painter

Many tiny enormous big bangs, frozen in a fraction of the sight. Inside of which, a cosmos of silent and grandiloquent silences.

S'ILENCE wants to be definitely our next project. Brainstorms on going right now with Giorgia and people. What do we know about it today? It appears to become a multimedia work, a journey within silent and galactic explosions. Adequate music will rhythm exploration and breaths. Rare voices whispering portions of unwritten tales. 

These paints crawl across the universe, from silence’ deep fields to our amazement’ silenced gazes. Maybe. Or maybe they just roll off from endangered planets where Giorgia Marzi sits wondering about the meaning of it all, author and plot. Steady fireworks as hope of salvation. Maybe. Or is it a zoom-in of our lungs while we hide in the darkest cave of our present season, wrapped by an intense smell of aromatic molds.

Away from the trades’ and comfort zones’ annoying chats.

These galactic molds are natural expressions of future options and dead end streets in the same time. Ettore Mildwin loves ambivalences: in-between new senses arise. Molds, rain, watering times: the urgency to leave something to the elements, not to be forgotten. When you throw in the towel and take whatever it will happen then.

it is cancellation poetics. The perfect plan of no-plans-at-all. The laugh and the cry you stumble upon when you go up and downs your inner stairways totally focused on removing every single layer of unnecessary beauty and getting rid of painting-as-usual schemes.

S'INKING will be an O2O experience - on line for everyone to access Giorgia’s universe, off line for few lucky ones to enter the exhibition we will be setting up in the second half of the year, according to COVID permissions. 

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