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Great Unknown TalentS - Various Artist

Each of these works recalls courage vibe, by different shades and points of view, as many as different are the authors who give them birth.

Hereby we tell about the needed guts to trespass comfort zones’ borders and those essential to live out there too. Courages of bodies who do not know anything about their souls yet. And courages of those spirits who ignore what to do with their flesh. The guts to stand in front your own tiger, the guts to become that tiger yourself. We all live in a time when courage, invisible

and often unrecognizable, is asked to become formidable mate of our resilient days. All these works have been selected to challenge the shadow threatening them. Identifying hidden treasures is one of our CEO thickest skill: Ettore rummaging in the back shop and in the depth of the gaze of an artist lost in his\her creativity.

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