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Paolo Camaeti - Painter

Paolo is a world of its own, another moon on the Earth.

The clear profile of the impossible.

His works look like nothing or anyone.

He’s unfriendly, he doesn’t lick your fingers, he doesn’t blow through your hair. It is mandatory, absolute, definitive. Its colours leave no room for shadows. Its forms leave no echo as they redefine a metaphysical three-dimensionality.

It is a Spartan song, a hymn to the edges of love, a corollary of silences that one cannot do without.

Those who want to make comparisons will hardly find similarities with other painters and, in some cases, should you want to identify similar technicalities, look at the dates: Paolo had some insights before others... ”

Giampiero Teodorani


We therefore entrust to you now the task of scouting these m’oonlights, each of you from the planet that is your own. And to get lost\find yourselves because the galaxies, ladies and gentlemen, are way larger than the living room in our head. Have a good trip.

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