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A journey into the Eternal City, Rome. Its monuments and goddesses.

With the eyes of the dream and the magic of the awakening.



Elisabetta Martinez - Painter

Close your eyes. Imagine Rome.

All the photos you have been seeing, the movies, your memories. Ok, that’s ok. But if you are Elisabetta Martinez and you do the same what you get is something different. It’s Another Rome in the room. Visions become dreams. Monuments become whispers. Goddesses become embraces. Entering this project is like diving into another dimension, where Rome stands in front of you transfigured, breathing deeply and calmly, chewing your expectations and representations. I met Elisabetta’s artworks being hit by her ‘big faces’ (between us we call them friendly ‘faccioni’),

their bulky gaze was quickly turning into a flame of a memory: inhaling that holy smoke I got thrown in another Rome. Colors were speaking softly but powerfully, taking shapes around my imagination and I started my journey in this amazing ‘new’ city.
The balance between the softness of these visions and the solidity of the importance of Rome made me fall in love with these artworks. And I immediately wanted to share these emotions with all the people that, in there pandemic global constrains, are not able to reach physically the Eternal City. In this way anyone can walk again ‘inside’ Rome and have another Rome in his room.

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