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Ettore Mildwin Art is a benefit company

Being a Benefit company means to us being able to play a responsible role in the economical scenarios. We require ourselves to consider the impact of our decisions not only on shareholders but also on employees, customers, the community, and local and global environment. Therefore we aim to reduce any impact at the minimum possible level.


Every project will be connected to an humanitarian or environmentalist NGO, chosen together by Ettore Mildwin Art and the artist or the artisan: 8% of the net revenues will be donated to fund their activities.


Presently, Ettore Mildwin Art is member of Banca Popolare Etica and it’s working with this bank only. We are also in process to become member of Lifegate, one of the main italian organisation working for a sustainable development. On the other side we are open to take investors in.


We cooperate with Treecelet, a slovenian organisation dedicated to reforestation projects in Tanzania, and we support on yearly basis Doctors Without Borders.


Reseda Onlus 

RESEDA Onlus is a no profit organization.

It has the objective to achieve the general interest of community towards the human promotion and social integration of citizens through the offer of activities aimed to labour inclusion of disadvantaged persons.

Cooperative RESEDA binds the social aim together with the defence of nature and the implementation of ecological projects


The RESEDA slogan: Energy to share, a future to preserve!


Open Arms

Open Arms is a Humanitarian, Non-Governmental, Non-Profit organisation. Our primary mission is to protect the life of the most vulnerable in emergency situations. We originate from a sea rescue company with more than 20 years experience on the Spanish coasts.
protect the lives of those abandoned in international waters fleeing from wars, persecution and poverty. On mainland we collaborate with healthcare teams and frontline research teams to face health emergencies or any other kind of crisis that requires immediate action.


Sant’Egidio Community  

Sant’Egidio Community was born in Rome in 1968, right after Vatican Council II. Nowadays it is a laical movement with +60k members, committed in Gospel communication and charity in Rome, in Italy and in 73 Countries all over the world.



We are a Slovenian certified mission-driven environmental enterprise created to help end the crisis created by needless deforestation. Our mission is to bring people together to plant trees and restore wildlife habitats around the world, while raising awareness about deforestation through social media.


Doctors Without Borders

An independent, global movement providing medical aid where it’s needed most: independent, neutral, impartial. Our commitment to providing the best care possible to every patient and our fierce independence allows us to go where many other organizations can’t or won’t.


Caritas Diocesana

Caritas Diocesana is the official tool for the promotion and coordination of charitable and welfare initiatives in the local Church. We will support "Cercanìa" project: proximity actions (in our shelters and communities).

"Caritas is the Church's caress for its people" (Pope Francis).

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