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Ettore Mildwin is an entrepreneur in his best age, blooming to what he recognises as his proper path. His visions and flair are a matter of fact.  This company represent his latest fruit. 


Ettore Mildwin . . . You can’t call shy, but he doesn’t like show up much. He rather stands behind his projects and let them speak and sway through parallels and meridians. For those of you eager to know more about him, a continuing story will be released in the following months both here and both on social media we are setting up.

Anyway pretty soon he came to understand he’d better "dream big" and "implement enough". Ettore Mildwin Art came to life as first gem of the wider Ettore Mildwin Works project, which will develop its branches in the following years. It is a Benefit Company and this choice highlights quite clearly a social and environmental calling: an unequivocal approach to process and product sustainability.

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