Limited Edition on Fine Art paper or canvas


No silence can touch / a man’s heart / and not wither it // the flee of the stars did / leave behind a smell of containers / to the herds of taxis // eyes I raised to the /

taken distances / holding breath into my fist // I asked for an address / and ended out in the mouth / like a September wound too // no heartbeat can / truly be swallowed / by the sky of skies.


This artwork will be printed in a limited number of copies (22 per option) worldwide, available in different sizes:


21,5 cm x 20 cm (original size)

40 cm x 40 cm

80 cm x 80 cm

100 cm x 100 cm


All prints by FSC certified Paper Fine Art Cotton Hahnemühle Torchon 285 gr. or Canvas.


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Those who are interested in purchasing originals are kindly requested to email us at art@ettoremildwin.works to check out availability and prices, specifying artwork name and providing all contact details. You will be reached normally in 48 hours, unless rough travelling ongoing.


    • Every single print is being curated personally by the artist and Ettore Mildwin himself by the selected service to check the quality outcome.
    • Every single copy is being signed at the rear by the artist and Ettore Mildwin himself and authenticated by a specific stamped sticker.
    • Every single copy comes available in a proper protective packaging for safe shipment by DHL, supplemented by an Authenticity Certificate and declaration of the number of the piece/global print-run.
    • Both for artworks and for reproductions it is always possible to ask for an update of pricing and its trend.

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